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'The High Priests of Globalisation'
Will Hutton

The transatlantic power élite's secretive Bilderberg Conferences & related research - from Bristol, England

Statesman or Terrorist? Henry Kissinger is one of the key 'war on terrorism' gurus... whilst being considered for extradition to Chile for his role in CIA project FUBELT, the 1973 murder of General Schneider and coup d'etat. Is he the best person to promote a 'War on Terrorism'??? Will Kissinger come clean...... or use his Kissinger Associates contacts to start World War III?

Resource page on the 'War on Terrorism'
What does The Bible say? When and how will the shit hit the fan?
U.S.A. - global terrorism central - Mercenaries with close connections to the U.S. administration
Comedian Bill Hicks on the elite: The Global Elite [mp3 audio file]
Magic Mountains of the Mind - The Economist's Elite Conference Guide
Did an occult/criminal syndicate take over the US government when president John F. Kennedy was assassinated? The 'military industrial complex' president Eisenhower warned the world of in 1961 is using fear, lies and information warfare to get its way

Not-for-profit alternative video sales

Greg Palast: World Bank terrorists revealed
Original pamplets from the birth of Capitalism
Independent Journalism - Punch: Down But Not Out
Council on Foreign Relations - A business club runs U.S. foreign policy
Ruling the World of Money: The Bank for International Settlements
Satanism: The Guardian's Tour of Britain's bizarre underworld
Major Biblical figures at the End of the World
Eye Spy Magazine exposes the... Secrets of the Bilderberg
Channel 4 'Secret Rulers of the World' Bilderberg Film Available
The transatlantic elite make a mockery of 'democracy' and 'freedom': Is gerrymandering in Florida democracy? Can the world's press be free when it has to adopt business values to survive?
Bilderberg elitists in: 1. NATO 2. Western National Politics 3. The European Commission 4. European Parliament

The only existing photo of a Bilderberg meeting?What is Bilderberg?
BBC: The Day Auntie Died?
Bristol's Newspaper Monopoly
Financial Times Bilderberg columnist sacked
Inside Bristol Freemasons Hall

Monthly email bulletins
The SS - British Military Intelligence
Bilderberg's creator, Bernhard, was Nazi SS officer
Fact vs. Slander - is this site's author anti-Jewish?
Jesus really was the son of God - Jewish evidence
The Project for European Unification - Mike Peters' definitive Bilderberg paper

[This site campaigns for a press conference at the start of all Bilderberg meetings - and a declaration from the steering committee that any consensus reached must be in our public, not their private interest]

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I have compiled this website because the Bilderberg organisation puts no information on the net about itself for public consumption - Believe it or not a French paper thought this was a Bilderberg run site.........actually I don't believe them but that's what they said! This site mirrored at: [updated regularly]
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Yeshua is the Messiah - beware of cheap imitations

Swastika to NATO - animated - site index:

Image from a 1999 Kosovo site - NATO/NAZI connections

Bilderberg Conferences - Research on this private elite club, started by an ex-Nazi, that sets the agenda for a Corporate controlled Europe - participant lists - my email list archive - roots - common/single market

Other Western Elites - World Economic Forum - Bank for International Settlements - Transatlantic Business Dialogue - Sun Valley the media elite - Bohemian Grove - British American Project - Trilateral Commission

The Oil Industry and Destruction of Public Transport - General Motors - Beeching and the railways - the car takes over from the train - greed or coincidence?

Culture, Communication and Control - The Information War is on - Media mind control - BBC - CIA - Censorship - Arrests of Journalists - Congress for Cultural Freedom

Fascism, State Terror and Power Abuse - MI5 and MI6 - 'War on Terrorism' - Kissinger's trial - NATO as the World Army - Human Genetics - Microwaves and Non-Lethal weapons

Quark, Strangeness and Charm - 666 - Babylonian - Man Made Religion - Sport - Ritual Human Sacrifice - Secret Western Government Apparatus - Bohemian Grove - Freemasons Exposed

Doubletake: Hidden History - The Levellers and The Diggers - Cuban Missile Crisis - H-Bomb tests - Enclosure of Land - The Commoners King

Personal but not private - Close to Home - Outlandish Emails I get - my post being opened - legal threats

There is another way - Bible - Land - Levellers - Tolkien - Tribulation - The Changes - Inclosure of the Land

"...somebody has to take governments' place, and business seems to me to be a logical entity to do it." - David Rockefeller - Newsweek International, Feb 1 1999.

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." President Eisenhower - farewell address to the nation - Jan 16 1961

"What luck for rulers that men do not think" - Adolf Hitler

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison, which alienates their possessor from the community" Carl Jung: 'Modern Man in Search of a Soul'

"The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than a small one" Adolf Hitler: 'Mein Kampf'

"I don't think it's true to say that we want to keep it [Bilderberg] out [of the public consciousness], we never wanted to get it in. We don't encourage people to mention it in the mainstream press because we don't encourage idle speculation about what we do. ...... We forbid individual attendees from giving press meetings at our conferences, and we do that not because we're secrecy mad, but because we want to control the politicians who come." Martin Taylor - Secretary General, Bilderberg - interviewed by Jon Ronson for the UK Channel 4 TV programme 'Secret Rulers of the World' transmitted 27Jun01

"...the world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not themselves behind the scenes." - Benjamin Disraeli (1801-1884) Prime Minister of Britain

"Their motivation is, that the elite shall be able to act in secrecy. It is not because they are evil, but because they believe in what they are doing. International capital wants to remove all obstacles to globalisation - and all obstacles to the right of capital to act freely without constrictions such as regard for the environment, social responsibility or human rights. Demands from local democracies are such obstacles." Birger Schlaug, Swedish Green party

"Globalisation is the new Totalitarianism" - Vandana Shiva,
NEF Peoples' Summit, Birmingham 1998

Link to 'Operation Paperclip' or 'Project Paperclip', the rehabilitation of Nazis in the USA

NATO to Swastika - animated gifBilderberg Conferences

Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands - the 'father' of the Bilderberg - his Nazi background and activities surrounding his 1975 resignation over the Lockheed bribery scandal

To what extent are critics of Bilderberg Anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists? Is this just an excuse to divert the attention of the political 'left' away from Bilderberg?

The Bilderberg Group. Basic reference page on arguably the world's most powerful clandestine club

History and origins of Bilderberg group and a cheeky bit of work by an investigative reporter - whatever happened to Robert Eringer?

Bilderberg Conferences 2002 and beyond - after the demise of Spotlight how will we know when and where they are taking place?

Bilderberg 2001 - Gothenburg Sweden - 'Press Release' participant list and a run-down of Bilderberg related coverage in 2001

Bilderberg 2000 in Brussels, Belgium, participants and other info. on this conference

Pictures from Bilderberg 2000 Conference in Brussels

1999 Conference in Portugal - a page of information and articles specific to this conference including official press release and participant list

Leaked minutes from the 1999 conference in Sintra, Portugal

The 1998 Conference at Turnberry in Scotland, Attendees list, Email discussions etc

List of people who attended Bilderberg 1997 conference. Here's the official confession. It went out on the Reuters wire service, but with a legal warning to remind editors not to print it.

Reports and list of people who attended Bilderberg 1996 conference

Bilderberg 1994 conference in Helsinki, Finland - participant list and agenda for the meeting

Bilderberg conference 1993 down in Athens, Mr Blair's now one of the crew!

Bilderberg Meeting in 1992, scant details so far - only the agenda

1991 Bilderberg Meeting - Gordon Brown, UK chancellor's interview

Bilderberg reports and papers, background information on the Bilderberg Group

Canadian state governors jetting around the world to hob-nob with the rich and powerful types. They all find our 'right to know' an irksome annoyance

The Power Elite Public Information Service - otherwise known as my anti-elitists email list - not to be confused with PENIS or PEPSI - no, its PEPIS, and these are the archives

Author C. Wright Mills's definition of a 'Power Elite': 'A group of men, similar in interest and outlook, shaping events from invulnerable positions behind the scenes.Other Western Élites

The Council on Foreign Relations - mirror of a website all about this private elite club that seems to decide on U.S. foreign policy

The Bank for International Settlements - Set up before World War Two and described by Carrol Quigley as 'The apex of the global banking system.' - Respected economists wanted it closed down after WWII for the role it played in financing the Nazis but still it thrives

The World Economic Forum at Davos - Doesn't get a lot of media coverage but this is quite possibly the biggest meeting of Businessmen in the world with the bosses of the 1000 largest corporations in attendance

Transatlantic Business Dialogue - The Agenda Setters, material obtained by The Guardian under American freedom of information law and begrudgingly under European freedom of information law - the end of Democracy

Sun Valley, Idaho - Once a year the world's media get together for a gathering of the most powerful players and financiers of the entertainment industry. Is the media discussing how to provide what its audiences want to see - or is it cow-towing to the money masters?

The British American Project for the Successor generation - little-known elitist grouping - said to have close connections to British Intelligence agencies, the military, politics and the media

BLACK HUMOUR: Arch-mage David Rockefeller talks frankly about his sterling efforts (along with his élite chums) to save us from ourselves

I-MaFia... Unbelievable wadges of formerly public assets privatised by the IMF and financial institutions

DANGEROUS LIAISONS - A report on the Global Elite cataloging many clandestine clubs and listing names of individuals involved

David Rockefeller's mission to the far east, the Trilateral Commission

The Oil Industry and Destruction of Public Transport

What's good for General Motors is, supposedly, good for America. Now is that The continent and its people or is that the growth of US GNP???

The tyranny of the car... public transport in the UK has been deliberately run off the rails. Beeching and the tearing up of the tracks

Ken Livingstone! Back in the early eighties Ken and his deputy at the GLC, Dave Wetzel attempted to rid London of the plague of the motor car, it was not to be.

Standard Oil of California made one family a heap of money, never mind that as a necessity democracy fell by the wayside, just what did Standard get up to?

Public transport in the United States subjected to the selfish arbitrary will of the super-greedy. Everybody looses out so why is it allowed to happen??

How consumption has been turned into an obsession, it's incredible what we will become used to if nobody comes along to tell us it is rubbish and that we are being used... critique of consumerism

Culture, Communication and Control

The Congress for Cultural Freedom - The CIA funded takeover of the European Art Scene

Information: Freedom of speech is under attack according to some documents published by the US military

Policing the News - More and more journalists in the UK are being arrested by the police, missing their deadlines, then being released without charge.

Product Placement - advertising by stealth - Misguided souls in the marketing industry, armed with endless supplies of cash, are finding great ways of getting into your head. Persuading their products into the hands of your favourite TV star without you knowing.

Drugs, police and Intelligence services. The CIA manipulation of US culture and systematic infringement of civil liberties

The BBC take people to court for not paying their TV licence fee, yet they caved in to political control years ago, public service....? Forget it! The views of an ex-BBC local radio researcher and reporter [ie. me]

The BBC Charter and agreement - full text in one page here - easy to download and print out - unlike on the BBC site!

Great Emperors rule todays massive media empires, D-notices gag the press in the guise of protecting national security... enter Citizen Kane's world of mind control and press power

Corporate Labour, Britain's public relations team are having trouble convincing us all that they give a damn. Maybe they'd like to?? but the mess is far too big for them to handle

mi5 - UK's unaccountable internal security service - this is their former official logo - presumably they thought the 'all seeing eye' was too much of an occult giveawayFascism, State Terror and Power Abuse

Official insignia of MI5, Britain's internal security service
'All-seeing eye' at the top [!!] helped inspire this website

The phoney 'war on terrorism' - an excuse to clamp down on civil liberties and ignore responsibility for acts of aggression abroad

A secret state within a state: The British Secret Intelligence Services - MI5 and MI6 massive buildings full of uptight, unaccountable paranoiacs - what are they up to?

Eugenics: Genetic expertise is now being applied to humans. Human Genetics. Haven't we heard talk of a master race before - disabled people rightly taking action

NATO is the world army which must prevail - the defensive charter is forgotten about

Microwaves and other non lethal weapons are being developed in a shroud of secrecy

Echelon: Led by the American NSA intelligence agencies are invading the privacy of ordinary people here, there and everywhere without any effective scrutiny. Who are the National Security Agency in the U.S. and what on earth are they up to?

The Trial of Henry Kissinger. Who will bring this terrorist suspect to justice????

Systematic blacklisting of potential employees for their independent mindedness is still going on so long as you value profits above your staff (and you don't hold your records on computer!)

Quark, Strangeness and Charm

The Freemasons, benevolent, sad or dangerous? What goes on inside the lodge? A critical view is revealed here

The Apostasy - The gradual fusing of all world religions under a false prophet - a global man-made religion

One view of the various individual arms of a secret western government - pulling the strings behind the scenes??

What is the social function of sport? Links and some analysis

Human Sacrifice was commonplace in pre-Christian times. Even here in the UK amongst the Druids

The Shengen Agreement and the number 666 on barcodes - Translation of a pamphlet from a Greek monastery

The Bohemian Grove - a private club and rollicking zone for the rich and powerful in the United States that has been going for over a hundred years

"Babylon shall fall..." Whatever Babylon may be a metaphor for in the modern age ancient Babylon, in modern-day Iraq, was pretty damn sordid

Doubletake: hidden history

The Land and Freedom pages - some important lessons from the people's English Civil War struggles

King Charles I - he banned enclosure taking the side of ordinary people against the landowners - there is fascinating evidence that he was 'The Commoners' King'

The Cuban missile crisis, insane hydrogen bomb tests, some amazing facts and pics from a world on the brink

Personal but not private

Power elite watchers like me are bound to get some amazing emails! Here are some of them with names concealed where necessary

This website is under threat from several sources - this page explains what some of those threats are and how you can help make sure it stays out there

Surveillance is getting out of control what with the UK Home secretary, who signs surveillance directives being blind we should be worried and suspicious

Adam and EveThere is another way

"When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?"

The book of Daniel to Revelation - Jesus stepping in at the last minute to obliterate the forces of darkness and their followers and banish sin and evil from the world

The End Times texts - Brian Redhead gives his view of the Book of Revelation - stuff about the End Times - commentaries by various people - my personal selection

The Shoplifting Vicar - one of the UK's best writers who hardly gets a hearing

Monetary Reform - How about we stop central banks from legally printing counterfeit money? Banks should not be able to monopolise money nor create it out of nowhere

The sixties and seventies UK television emporium - some pictures of my favourite programmes from the golden age of television

Life skills, or mind control? Setting our own curriculum. What education do we want for our kids? A page about Home Education.

Hippy and dippy - followers of New Age alternative remedies leave themselves open to ridicule - much to my amusement!

The Lord of the Rings, short extract, some great writing - allegory with modern Fascism and written with a knowledge of the occult and - it seems - the Biblical apocrypha

In 1975 a series swept across our TV screens here in the UK that was to leave an indelible impression upon me and many like-minded kids - The Changes

Consequences, or strange tales, an example of a game where someone writes a few lines on a piece of paper, then folds it over so there is only a line showing and the next person carries on the story.

David Rockefeller on parade - satire

Intro to the site

(link to old site 1) (link to old site 2) - site 2 recently pulled by Demon Internet - see below

This site campaigns for general press access to Bilderberg venues - and a declaration from the organisers that the discussions are public, not private

This site is an outlet for my research on hidden political, cultural, economic and spiritual power and 'mind-control'. I have written the odd article here and there where the material needs some kind of interpretive 'lead-in' to be accessible.

The expression 'The Power Elite' is familiar to most sociology buffs but I have used C Wright Mills' term (he wrote a book in the fifties with that title) to go into detail on some powerful clandestine groups.

Speculation posing as fact, as well as deliberate disinformation causes confusion about the real influence of the elite - and this makes it easier for the skeptic to dismiss their influence as 'conspiracy theory'. But once one starts uncovering hard facts a consistent and more lucid picture emerges. The potential abuse of power by these groups is almost too nightmarish to contemplate, so we might be forgiven for not wishing to delve further.

It is one thing to speculate in general terms about the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations etc. but when specific individuals, specific policies, specific dates and specific venues are laid out in black and white they become more real - and more frightening.

I am concerned about anything totalitarian, particularly when the state and the establishment attempts to control the press and turns against their own citizens. Ever since I was a teenager I found war and state terrorism difficult to explain simply in terms of 'human nature'.

I came to understand, over the years, that there is a tiny, hidden proportion of mankind for whom war, oppression and slavery are not a reluctant economic necessity but a carefully pursued benefit to their wealth and power. These individuals, that literally thrive on broken human spirits and spilt human blood, I feel we should all work to identify. This site represents one small step towards shaming these misguided men (and women Ms. Albright) into desisting from their inhuman scheming for ever more unaccountable power.

In the hands of evil people the corporation can be a front, behind which individuals can get away with crimes they would otherwise have to take personal liability for and be fined, imprisoned and even executed. Legally a corporation or company is considered to be a person and incredibly, with limited liability, there is no financial comeback.

My calls for greater press coverage of elite forums such as Bilderberg are based on the public's right to know what is being discussed at closed meetings of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world. When the future of mankind is by no means guaranteed, knowledge of what goes on at these meetings is not a curiosity but a necessity.

I am particularly worried by the unwillingness of the power elite to deal with what everyone agrees should be their number one priority. The murderous debt crisis. Also worrying is the arrogance with which these same elitists infest democratic institutions and fill so much of our mainstream media with bland drivel. This coupled with their obscene economic power, the power to create trillions of dollars at the press of a button, quite rightly leads one to question their motives and plans.

I have been pretty scrupulous in avoiding undue speculation. I am not interested or concerned with 'conspiracy theory' just 'conspiracy fact'. It is the facts behind very real groups like the Bilderbergers, the Skull and Bones and the Council on Foreign Relations that must be known before we can best understand how to deal with them on a personal and a global level.

Bilderberg is a lobbying organisation that attempts to present plans for globalisation of world markets as a consensus and invites powerful guests along in an attempt to get them 'on board' the project. Bilderberg is not a conspiracy in itself but the attempt to keep its deliberations out of the public eye is. There is also the thorny question of the far less well known about groupings that are behind the Bilderberg meetings.

I am a Christian and a Quaker attender - with the knowledge that these groups could be tied in with the Biblical End-Time prophecies mentioned on my Tribulation page.

You can hardly be blamed if you are confused by the whole thing, and the size of this site. If you want to download a document which is readable in an hour or so which gives a clear overall view of this 'alternative post war history' the following document on my Bilderberg origins section is an excellent place to start. The Bilderberg Group and the project of European unification - From Lobster magazine No. 32

It is also downloadable as a Rich Text Document.

PEPIS (the Power Elite Public Information Service) is my only elite research activity now. Once every few months, when there is interesting info. to relate, I email stuff out to people who've asked to be added to the PEPIS list.

I feel creating positive alternatives to global slavery, economic meltdown or Armageddon is a more constructive use of my time! Since the English nation has been responsible for such despicable genocide in many parts of the world, culminating in the biggest colonial empire the world has ever seen, it is an appropriate place to be looking for positive visions. I don't dislike England as a whole though, we have had some brilliant historical figures like Gerrard Winstanley (the first true anti-capitalist) and maybe even King Arthur? AND there are a lot of people in the UK with a healthy, informed mistrust of human authority and good humour to go along with it!

This website will remain as long as possible as a free public resource for anyone who wants to know some of the hard facts on the global elite, and doesn't want to have to hear them whispered in hushed tones.

Tony Gosling, July 2001 Guestbook

See also: What are Bilderberg Conferences all about?

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Incidentally, news of the Liverpool Dockers' strike covered extensively on Labournet was the subject of a 'D' Notice banning discussion in the UK press (see my page on censorship).

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